FAQ Membership (en)


What are the benefits of a membership?

Benefits of a full membership:

  • a right for first refusal
  • save 10 percent on all club merchandise
  • the entitlement to attend the General Meeting and to exercise the voting right (persons who have reached the age of 18)

How do I become a member of SC Paderborn 07?

Just fill out the membership application form. It can be found in our SCP07-Shop or at our homepage. Please fill it in and send it by mail (), fax (+49 (0) 5251 877-1999) or by post to the following address:

SC Paderborn 07 e.V.
Home Deluxe Arena
Wilfried-Finke-Allee 1
33104 Paderborn

What are the fees for a membership?




80,00 €

Adolescents up to 25 years

50,00 €

Students up to 14 years

30,00 €

Family membership

130,00 €

Pensioner more than 65 years/ person who has retired early/ people with disabilities

 55,00 €

Kids Club 

 48,00 €

Pensioner more than 65 years/ person who has retired early/ people with disabilities:
Pensioner more than 65 years/ person who has retired early/ people with disabilities receive a discount upon presentation of corresponding proof.

What do I have to know when I become 25 regarding the family membership?

Family membership (adults and children up to 25 years): At the age of 25 the membership will automatically move into an individual membership. It begins with the next season. The annual membership fee is 80,00 € (adults). The direct debit authorization continues to apply unchanged if you don’t issue separately a direct debit authorization.

When is the fee due?

The membership fees are due and payable on the 1st June of each year. Payment is made by debit advice. The member is obligated to inform of any changes to their bank details immediately. In that case please use the form "EINZUGSERMÄCHTIGUNG".

What happens if the member is in default of payment?

If the member is in default of payment the club SC Paderborn 07 will start the dunning procedure and will inform about consequences concerning the membership. Open claims will remain.

What is the difference between active and passive membership?

The active membership includes persons, who participate in gaming operations. The other members belong to passive members.

What should I pay attention to if I lost my membership card?

If you lose your membership card, please inform us immediately. You will receive a new membership card for a fee. Please send us an e-mail () which includes your name, date of birth and your membership number.

What is the members’ newsletter?

Members, who indicate their email address, will regularly receive the member’s newsletter. It offers the latest news about the club, about the teams and about the fans.

How do I subscribe for the members’ newsletter?

Please contact us by e-mail ().

How do I unsubscribe from the members’ newsletter?

To unsubscribe, you need to click the corresponding button.

How do I terminate the membership?

Notice of termination of membership can be given in written form, by e-mail or by fax. Please note that a signature of the member or of parent is necessary. Also the termination must be available to the SCP07 by March 31st.


Where do I find the important information concerning the membership?

All relevant information can be found at statutes of the association or the membership fee scale.